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Zamkol Bluetooth Speaker 30W Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Portable Wireless Loud Stereo Sound & Enhanced X-Bass Speaker Bluetooth 5.0, Built-in Mic, IPX6 for Home Party, Shower, Outdoor, Travel

( 10 Reviews )

360° Unbelievable Sound

Immersive Theater Experience (TWS)

Excellent Compatibility

Stylish and Durable

Non-stop Audio

$ 49.99


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Zamkol Bluetooth Speaker Portable Wireless

ZK202 is the 3th generation of Zamkol which provides premium 360° surround deep bass sound and unique design, make your life more enjoyable.

    · 360 Degree Sound - Rich notes & premium sound from all directions.
    · TWS Technology - Pair two speakers to get the party going with thundering bass.
    · IPX6 Waterproof - Rain or shine, enjoy the carnival all-weather.
    · Intuitive Control Wheel - Control the volume with a simple rotating.
    · Stylish and Solid - Durable fabric&rugged rubber housing face.
    · Bluetooth 5.0 - Effortlessly connects to all of bluetooth-enabled devices up to 60ft.

Who We Are As an emerging brand, Zamkol are committed to creating the exceed current standards Bluetooth Speaker for customers. We pride ourselves on providing the high quality products and hassle-free service. The core value of Zamkol is to offer audio equipment that provides a transcendent listening experience. We hope for Zamkol to transform and enhance how you enjoy your music.

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    360 Degree All-Around Sound

    Dual full-range 15 Watts precision drivers which pump HD sound & enhanced bass out from every directions, give you a 360 degree stereo auditory feast.

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    Wireless Dual Pairing

    You can achieve true wireless playing for left and right channels separated, enjoy an experience that's just like the cinema by paired any two ZK202 Speakers.

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    Powerful Bluetooth 5.0

    Thanks to the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, makes Zamkol speaker easy to connect any devices range up to 60ft and to get continuous sound in any situation, that you'll be able to control the speaker from the comfort of the couch.

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    Versatile Connectivity

    Zamkol lound speaker effortlessly connects to your smart assistant, works great with Amazon Alexa, Google assistant and Siri. Can answer a phone call with built-in Mic, connect to PC, TVs and MP3 players with 3.5mm audio cable, and play your favorite list via MicroSD card.

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    All-weather Companion

    ZK202 waterproof speakers provides the sound for any adventure. IPX6 rating waterproof provided splash proof, rainproof, dustproof and shockproof. Zamkol portable speaker is the ideal outdoor speaker choice.

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    The Perfect Outdoor Speaker

    Whether you're catching some waves, cycling off-road or exploring the wilderness, Zamkol travel speakers will be with you every step of the way. The compact body and portable size make carrying easy.

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  • Power


  • Product Dimensions

    7.4 x 3 x 3 inches

  • Item Weight

    1.28 pounds

  • Shipping Weight

    1.95 pounds

  • Bluetooth Version

    Bluetooth 5.0

  • Waterproof

    IPX6 Waterproof

  • Charger




Can a phone call be answered while connected?

Yes, you can short press the M key to answer calls


Can I play music from a flash drive?

NO, but you can play from a MicroSD card


How much time does the battery last in max volume?

Approximate 12 hours (1/5 volume) / 8 hours (2/3 volume) And there will be differences on different type of music.


Is it use a Type C power cable?

Yes it is


ZK202 User Manual.pdf


( 10 Reviews )

Can't find Anything Better!

Level 05-19-2020


The upside of running two of the 202s as a stereo pair, other than obvious musical joy, is the positive comments about how great they sound. This does, however, double up the problem of how to carry them around. To that end I engaged the online scramble to find an affordable case of suitable size, and as can often be expected with the great variety of products at our fingertips, I did find one I am very happy with (link below). In between acquiring the speakers and waiting for the case to arrive I happened to purchased a small curtain rod for the kitchen which came in a box, nicely protected by a generous quantity of closed cell foam. When I looked inside a smile lit my face and I knew exactly how it was going to be used. As a bonus there was enough left over to make a foam envelope for my laptop to protect it in my generic briefcase. Don’t throw away that foam! Using scissors, a utility knife, and glue gun I cut four pieces and fit them to shape, and then glued them together. After about an hour of effort I now have a case that perfectly stabilizes and protects the speakers. They fit snugly in their little pockets, unable to wiggle. The case I purchased has a felt lining, but no insulation or padding. Because it is a bit taller (deeper) the speakers could shift position if the case was banged. This was quickly solved by gluing two pieces of foam to make up a ¾ inch thick pad, which I cut to fit inside the lid, and with a few tape loops securing it into the lid. When the case is zipped closed there is a very slight compression on the speakers. Just the perfect amount! The case is made by Caseling and seems ideal for this application, you can find it here, There is enough room in the lid to store charging and data cables, small wall charger, and even IEMs or other devices of your choosing. Total cost was about $20 which breaks down to the price of the case, one glue stick, and a few pieces of masking tape. I hope these comments inspire you to purchase two of these incredible speakers, make your own carrying case, and close the loop on great music, great portability, and safe transportation to your next happy gathering. Your friends will be grateful you did!

5.0 out of 5 stars Surprised me

V1peR 05-12-2020


Great device for this price! I was expected for worst result than it is. This device surprised me. It sounds little louder and clearly than my JBL Pulse2 what I considered like one of the best portable speakers. Zamkol slightly concede only in surround sound against JBL, but it’s OK for that price difference.

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