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Zamkol ZK606 Bluetooth Speakers, Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, Powerful 24W with 360° Bass Sound, Waterproof Speakers Bluetooth 4.2 for Outdoor Party, Beach, Shower, Travel

( 8 Reviews )

360° stereo sound makes excellent music enjoyment

TWS technology creating an exclusive cinema auditory feast

IPX6 Waterproof makes music is everywhere, be your's shadow

Stylish and sturdy Classic cylindrical body, ultra-light and ultra-portable



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Zamkol ZK606 Bluetooth Speakers

ZK606 is the first generation of Zamkol which provides premium 360° blast thunderous bass Sound and premium design quality.

    · 360 Degree Sound - Rich notes from wall to wall.
    · TWS Technology - Pair 2 speakers get the party going with wonderful music.
    · Waterproof & Dustproof - Rain or shine, to see the world.
    · Compact & Portable - Ready for whatever / whenever / wherever.
    · Stylish & Solid - Durable fabric and rugged rubber housing.

Who We Are As an emerging brand, Zamkol are committed to creating the exceed current standards Speaker for customers. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products and support. Whether you are an athlete, a new mom, a businessperson, a technical worker, a students, or a surfer dude, we hope for Zamkol to transform and enhance how you enjoy your music.

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    360° Stereo Sound

    2 x 12W back-to-back neodymium drivers, Stereo-widening DSP audio technology provide an 360° stereo clear sound quality and loud volume.

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    Available for Alexa

    ZK606 Speakers works great with Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot, amplifying Everything From Alexa.

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    Playing in the Rain

    Waterproof means you can listen effortlessly in any environment, perfect for shower, by the pool or beach, even playing in the rain.

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    Exclusive Theater Experience

    Pair 2 ZK606 speakers together for an experience that's just like the cinema. The combined output composes true wireless stereo system.

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    Portable Speakers

    Zamkol wireless speaker is just as durable as it is sleek. It fit into a water bottle cage on a bicycle. Ultra light, more suitable for travel & hiking.

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    Most Gifted Speakers

    Zamkol bluetooth speakers portable is the ideal choice for Travel, Party and Home. The Best Thanksgiving, Christmas and Birthday Gift!

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  • Item Dimensions

    6.86 x 7.11 x 17.78 cm

  • Item Weight

    480 grams

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How long does it take to charge?

Depending on the current and voltage, the charging time will vary, generally 6-8 hours.Thanks for your question,friend .


Does it work well outdoor? i.e. backyard party

It works really well, although I haven’t used it for a party.


Hi. does this speaker support nfc?

Sorry, dear, this speaker not support NFC.


Does have a sd card slot reader?

Sorry, dear, this Bluetooth speaker does't have SD card slot reader.But you can connect any device with Bluetooth.


Can I charge it using a power bank?

Yes but it has to be one of the bigger power banks rather than the 1 charge ones as it drains it


zk606 User Manual.pdf


( 8 Reviews )

Nice visual looking and sound

Edgars Volosins 05-17-2020


Got this and first thing what i liked is the visual , how it looks. Its not too big and neither too small, it has noce four buttons on top and rubber on bottom so it wont slip off surface. Easy to connect with Bluetooth didnt had any problems with that. Im very happy about how clear,with nice sound effects it sounds. Played my music to loudest i i think even my neighbors notice that we have new new speaker lol. Overall im really glad I bought this.

Quality speaker

Georgio 05-01-2020


I'm very happy with these Bluetooth speaker as they will give you nice music listening experience no matter where you take it along.. Being waterproof means that you can take it literally anywhere, to listen your favourite music I took it to a picnic and it was the soul of the party I was impressed about the sound quality, so crisp, so clear, like the one who's singing is next to you... Spilled even coffee on it... I had to rinse it afterwards as I was afraid the sugar from coffee will stick.... Nothing sticks to it.... Really nice piece of equipment, ideal for bbq, parties, fishing, and anything that comes in your mind... ?

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