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US ZK606 bluetooth speaker Red

360 Degree Sound and 24W Enhanced X-Bass

( 5 Reviews )

360 Degree Sound - Rich notes from wall to wall.

TWS Technology - Pair two speakers get the party going with thundering bass.

IPX6 Waterproof - Rain or shine, to see the world.

Compact & Portable - Ready for whatever/whenever/wherever.

Stylish and Solid - Durable fabric+rugged rubber housing with good looks to match.

$ 55.99


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  • Product Dimensions

    2.7 x 2.8 x 7 inches

  • Item Weight

    1.06 pounds

  • Speaker driver


  • Connection range

    10 to 20 meters

  • Frequency range

    150Hz to15KHz

  • Battery

    Built in rechargeable 7.2V 2600mAh*2 lithium ion battery

  • Unit weight

    480gram (17ounce)

  • Dimension

    7x2.7x2.8inches (180x69x70mm)



How long does the battery last?

Depending on the type of music, and the volume of the playback volume, rock music, 70% of the volume can be sustained 5-6H, other types of music can be used a bit longer.


Does it come with a charger

Yes it does.


Can i use it to tune into FM radio?

No, but you can connect with the FM radio via the AUX-IN Cable.


can i use with smartphone

Yes, you can. Any phone with Bluetooth


Is this very loud and does it have a good battery life ?

Yes the speaker has quality sound and can get pretty loud. The speaker life lasts for and average of 6 hrs.



( 5 Reviews )

Portable Bluetooth speaker with good sound

Marcus and Sharon 12-31-2018


Nice little speaker. Good quality sound, good price. It’s lightweight and super portable. I use it at work on my desk. I took a picutre of it next to a juice box just for size comparison.

Nice Clear Sound

Adam Mangett 12-30-2018


Very cool with the 360* sound. Definitely the closest to the "Boom" speaker I used to have. We have tried a couple in the last 6 months or so. we do alot of outdoor activities and always like to bring the tunes with us ! Small enough to throw in a small duffel bag and go. I wouldn't dunk it in the water but it got slashed a little and no problems. Would definitely recommend. Giving it 5 stars for being reliable. It does exactly what is advertised. Thanks

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